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Pokemon Trading Card Game (1998)




Anybody want to provide a source? Who created these images? What website were they taken from? You know, all the basic shit that’s supposed to accompany these kinds of posts.

PLEASE! These are amazing!!

Toshihiko  Ikeda etchings

On the night of Friday the 1st my band’s practice space was broken into and robbed. A vast majority of my guitar and bass equipment was stolen, as well as Justin Dunham cymbals. Here is the list of everything that stolen from me:

Sovtek MIG 100H tube head. Broken power light.
Sunn Beta Bass solid state head. Red knobs.
Emperor 4x12. Dark red wood finish, black grille cloth with spots of white candle wax, 4x Jensen Electric Lightning speakers.
LTD B-154 Bass guitar. Black and red finish.

Blue BOSS Instruments bag containing -

- 20’ Monster speaker cables with black ends x2
- 20’ Monster instrument cables with gold ends x2
- Vox coiled instrument cable. Black.

Black zip up bag containing -

- Velcro guitar pedal board
- Fulltone OCD overdrive pedal - strips of velcro on bottom
- Boss TU-3 Chromatic tuner - strips of velcro on bottom
- 6” black patch cable x1
- 6” power cable

My music equipment was my life and this is a serious blow to my ability to play and perform music. In my current financial/life situation I won’t ever be able to afford to replace this stuff. If everyone I know could please share this post and let anyone they know to keep an eye out at pawn shops or music shops/local craigslist posts for any of my stuff I can’t even express how much I would appreciate it. I’ve included a picture of some of the items I listed above also.

Any information you might have or find out please call/text me at